Cake Dyeing Yarn: Loose vs Tight Wound Cakes

Cake Dyeing Yarn: Loose vs Tight Wound Cakes

Previously I have shown you that you can dye wound cakes of yarn to create stunning asymmetrical colorways. I cautioned that even if you were to dye two (hand wound) cakes in one pot the colorways would likely not be identical due to differences in the winding. Let’s take these differences to an extreme by dyeing a loosely wound cake in the same pot as one that is tightly wound.

Our hypothesis is that the tightly wound cake would get less color towards the center of the ball than the loosely wound cake.

What do you think will happen?

Video Contents:
0:00 – Introduction to the Experiment
1:01 – Mixing the Dyes
5:40 – Adding the Yarn Cakes to the Dyebath
7:16 – Checking on the Yarn after 10 min of simmering
8:48 – Checking on the Yarn after ~25 min of simmering
9:17 – Removing the yarn from the Dyebath
12:18 – Reveal of the final skeins

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